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**DEPENDING on service, paints are High Quality FDA approved Face Paints and Glitter. (Snazaroo, Global, Tag, Wolfe FX, etc) and quality galleria acrylic paints for portraits** 

Mediums for portraits or other commission work can be requested. 


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The Vision and misson

Jennifer Antonio, the creator of Creative Boundless was established and registered since November 2015 to continue the artistic practices of portraits, face paint and other exciting creative projects. With Jennifer's entrepreneurial spirit, she is excited to fill other's lives with limitless creative projects that promote limitless potiential. This site also has a mini section for creativity. This was created because she realizes not everyone will not be available for her services. Thus, she offers what she can so others can be apart of the artistic journey anyways. 

The CB mission is to spread the artistic journey with others by providing affordable, best and unique services to enhance the enjoyment of facepaint, portraits and creativity. 


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I've lived most of my life as a magician. Below is my experience I've had during my childhood performing with my brother Zac:

I've been apart of Winnipeg's young dynamic duo, which has given me the opportunity to perform at many fairs and festivals including The Winnipeg Folk Festival, The Winnipeg Fringe Festival, Thompson Manitoba Nickel Days, Altona Sunflower Festival, Winnipeg's Children's Festival, The Manitoba Children's Museum and Winnipeg's Festival of Fools. I've been specialize to perform for Birthday parties, Christmas parties, Halloween parties or any occasion. I've been performing with my brother Zac. We have been stunning audiences with our award winning magic/comedy shows since 2002. With hundreds of performances to our name, I have the experience and the know-how to design and custom tailor shows for events both large and small. I have gained a world of knowledge by working with entertainers from around the world. I am geared for audiences of all ages and are loaded with fast pace coluorful magic, combines conjuring and comedy to produce entertainment that is amazing to the eyes and amusing to the soul!


”These kids are going to put me out of work”
David Copperfield (World famous magician)

”Their shows are professional and fun”
Fred Penner (International children’s entertainer)

”The Magic of Jen and Zac is a bright new show that lots of folks will be applauding for years to come”
Al Simmons (International children’s entertainer)

”Crowd pleaser” Winnipeg Free Press