"How to co-op with the "stuck" feeling | CreativeBoundless”


We all have those days. Especially Mondays. New week and you need to start all over again.

You feel like you are going NO WHERE.


You are stuck.

For example you are in the gym trying to finish your last rep. You want to finish the last rep. But you can’t. 

Or you been working so long to win that basketball championship. Maybe months or years you could not make it past semi-finals.

Oh I like this one. Learning a new language...that’s hard. You are in your last month of school and you just want to leave because you just don’t get it. 

I get it, it’s hard. However it’s harder if you don’t continue.

I like this picture. It definitely reminds me to keep going. However I feel like this picture gives off a vibe showing that life sucks. Yet that isn't necessarily true. Life is only pushing you. Trying to see how bad you want to do something. And if you keep going, you will eventually get it. Also the reward is usually AWESOME!

Why is life like this? Sadly you don't always just get something. What you give is what you will receive back. You can get anywhere, the rule is, YOU JUST KEEP GOING. Time will pass by. Kind of like school, most people need to work for their grade and the ones who do it usually get a good grade. To get over how long it will take, ask yourself; what can you do to enjoy this time and improve yourself now?

The button below is a great post to read about how you can train your mind!

Anything Possible. All situations can change. 

Eric Oteino Geoffrey is a Graphic Designer and a IT expert. And that’s frinken awesome! But you know what’s greater? He was in prison. He served 8 years. But during that time, he took that period to see what he could do when he left. 8 years is long, but he took advantage of it. He did everything he could so he could leave having a career to achieve. He hired a tutor then started mentoring 600 prison wardens.


A prisoner doing this?. (Side note, most people forget everyone has a good side, depends if they like to use it makes the difference) He also had 500 outside clients.

All that seemed impossible was possible. 

Eat Pray Love

You may of seen the movie or book, eat pray love? It’s very inspirational. Elizabeth Gilbert talks about her journey leaving for a year and going to Italy to find herself. She uses food, praying and love to discovery who she is. 

It was a great book. But because it was so great, she knew she wouldn’t be able make something better. Now this is also different considering she got were she wanted to be, but how does she continue? 

Making a success story so great is definitely difficult to create a better one. People compare it, and want more. 

In her discussion she talks about to keep going anyways. Find your why. Your own reason why you started. 

You will in your life time have better success’s than other or even have one so great it might not be possible to make a greater one. Or you can, but that should not be your focus. At a point like this, you keep doing what you love. In the long run, people will see you continued your passions and your dedication to your passions. 

Get past the stuck feeling that you won’t get anywhere, you will. You will see your progress, people will appreciate your stories, (or what ever you do in your life time). This life is about you anyways. 

Make the time for Connections

If you feel like your stuck, start getting out there. Artist of the month, Haylie Hanna Rousek talks about in the Lyons Mirrors-Sun how she did everything art. She was mentored by her art teachers, made her connections with others involved in the industry. 

By reading this article I start to see that once you start meeting people in your field, and taking the time to build relationships, you start seeing opportunities that will bring your further today. Anything you do can be added in your resume; such as a competition, volunteer or apprenticeship opportunity, even knowing someone creates your credibility and requirements that may be necessary in your field. 

When your stuck

When you are stuck, you are actually not stuck. That just means it’s time 

  • to explore more your options depending where you are, even if it’s prison (I really hope your not at that point). OR
  • if you are stuck by already finding your passion and doing so great, that’s a wonderful thing. People know you and you will find other ways to serve your passion. Everything you do at that point will help that industry become better and influential OR
  • once you receive recognition in your field, inspire others telling them how you came to the point you are at. The plan, the structure and the people who helped you along the way.


By seeing this stories, who influences you to keep bringing you closer to your goals?