"How ART and FITNESS boosts your confidence! | Creative Boundless"


Before I committed myself to create a community through the lens of an artist, I was and am committed to fitness.

Since my journey I’ve had a billion questions how I changed.

I thought to myself the physical changes? Which I thought would be the obvious answer, it wasn’t. 

As much as I thought the physical changes were the answer, I realized I changed in a better way.

Old acquaintances from high school noticed my personality changed. I was more vivid, alive and eager. Eager to do better. But that was not all of it. I was confident. 

I never realized it before, however it was true. Because I was keeping in shape, I was just so darn happy about literally nothing. And that showed. 

Because I felt so DARN confident, I thought it was a great time to pursue my creative side, just being artsy. 

I realized that fitness resulted to creating a more creative life. My thoughts, beliefs and focus became clearer. 

I was also becoming stress free. 

You are probably wondering how this story helps you AT ALL? 

Well , during and out of school, how you present yourself shows what you are doing in your life shows. 

For example:

  • What you eat: generally shows how you feel about nutrition
  • How you talk: Positivity or Negativity shows how you feel about life

And for fitness, it showed that I was doing better in life. And because I was doing better I was more confident. And because I was more confident, I felt wonderful in myself to pursue my creative lifestyle.

FOR ALL YOU CREATIVE LOVERS OUT THERE, being confident results in you and your work. 

Here are some of the activities I did that may help you BOOST your confidence in an artsy/fitness style. 


  • Mindset

I found that having the right mindset keeps you on track. To help your mindset, start 

  • listening to positive videos, 
  • learn essential habits (rich 20 something) 
  • OR find people that inspire you and put them on your cellphone background)


  • Get Active

I feel that emotionally, physically and emotionally you become more stable being active. One thing I have heard that people say about being active is that it’s expensive. Here are some inexpensive solutions

  • Walk or bike at every opportunity
  • Work out at home (Gym memberships could be pricey in the long term, but I do prefer the gym. I found that the gym makes it easier to keep you motivated, you have all your equipment needed and you have no distractions 
  • Join a Sport. (Look around your area, there are tons of free co-ed sport teams to join). 


  • Get A Canvas

(Literally draw. It does not matter how great or horrible you are. Drawing, painting, anything art related opens up your mind to create some cool designs. It’s always fun to draw after the gym. The fun ideas you could do are:

  • Paint
  • Draw
  • Glue sand on a picture
  • Draw on your window
  • Arts and Crafts

So after doing these basic things, I realized my confidence grew because I was keeping my mind on track, opened up my imagination and knew I was capable of doing anything. This showed in my personality and my work was getting great feedback.

Question for you!

How did you boost up your confidence? Do you find art and/or/nor fitness help?! 

What are your thoughts?


Here are also some stress reliever articles I found that could help manage stress, so you can start getting more confident :)