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For most of my life as you may know, I been a magician since I was 7. I’m 21  years old now and that’s a good chunk of my life right there. Every since my childhood all I could remember I was out of the city, traveling, competing, volunteering and partnering with up with media. I really didn’t have the most normal childhood. I didn’t play with a lot of friends. Even though I had them, I barely saw them.

I remember in school teachers would tell me that I would be a famous magician and that my brother and me would do great. (On the other hand, I would be slightly bullied because of those comments).  Everyone (besides the bullies) just loved my brother and me; and I actually had no idea why. I was also confused how we stood out. I mean, I thought we were good entertainer’s (and I’m not trying to talk badly about myself) but there were so many others too.

Now because I’m an adult I understand a lot more than I did. (Though I am MORE confused because my brother and I don’t get booked as often. There are probably many reasons why, but one reason may be is  we have put less time into it. BUT we still get booked. And I still ask why?!!?!!??!?!)

However I realized we stood out for one reason...

We had a really good USP. 

You may be wondering what is a USP?

For those who aren’t very familiar of different business concepts, USP stands for a Unique Sales Position, which basically means making your self better than the competition. Or, providing a service that is different or unique compared to others who have the same business. A service that makes you stand out. 

The button below explains more about USP's. 

I remember I was talking to one of my agents, and all he was telling me all the other entertainer’s were jealous of my brother and I because we were getting so many inquiries.  It all made sense now. 

There are NO magicians in my community that were siblings. Majority of them were guys. Having a girl in the magic world is less common, and a brother and sister duo is VERY RARE. 

This was our USP! Two Siblings performing together at a very young age, PLUS a girl who is ACTUALLY a magician and not an assistant. Whoa, We stood out big time. 


Because of this I understand the importance of having an unique service. I looked on www.kijiji.ca and most of the entertainer’s are the same (some do stand out though!). However, it’s important to find or add a better service of some sort. This applies to every kind of business like cars, make up, shoes, you name it! If you don't, people won't see a value of picking your service. 

Here is a great post by Rich20something on different types of USP that you could add. 

Implementing this, USP’s are a powerful tool. There so simple but effective. Here's one example, promoting make-up; now that is TOUGH.  Ipsy separates themselves by allowing there subscriber's to try all the popular brand’s in a sample goodie bag. For an incredible price, they get to try all the latest product per month. Sweet deal?! Their different because they get a service delivered to them. Even better, they get to try all the POPULAR brands. 

Here's another, If you look at blog posts, there are tons! I enjoy this one. 

She makes her newsletter special. Tweaking how you phrase content can make you stand out. 

Boost Blog Traffic Is a great site that shows how artists are successfully making themselves different to promote the hardest career of all. Being an artists. Yet they all made it possible. 

(Last example I swear!) Book of Scribbles Is a genius, I swear. Book of scribbles promotes there art by scribbles. So simple but creative! Taking scribbles then transforming them into cool pictures is a mind twister. People don’t think of these things! 

USP’s are important for every business. You can be an artist, (which I’m trying to promote) or a doctor. Both can succeed or fail (to an extent), however how you differentiate yourself is where you gain the most success! (Nothing is guaranteed but USP's do help!)

So how about you! How do you make your business different?

Or what are your thoughts on USP's?

Boundie :)