"What is the 3-rule and what it means?! | Creative Boundless"


A, B, C
Mind, Body and Soul.
Physically, Emotionally and Mentally.
1, 2 and 3. 

Not for all things but most things, many rules are made up with three steps of some sort. Kind of like business. You have a problem, analyzation and solution. Or, you can think of it this way. A vision, plan and execute. 

Or I enjoy this plain simple example from Rhonda Byne’s book, “The Magic”. She emphasizes that all creation results in three steps. The most basic one (the older traditional way) where a man and a women make a baby. Or if you read her book that talks about gratitude, she explains you need to say, “thank you” three times to thank the universe for all creations to be heard. 

This rule is pretty generic, but can be easily be applied in many fields. I thought about talking about this rule, because it helps with the process with many activities you do. 

With the sub group development were I talk about skill set, the three rule is crucial. Self-growth is harder, but if you don’t have the three rule it becomes a challenge. For development the three rule is set up like this. 

  1. Vision
  2. Plan
  3. Execute

There might be a little more to this, however you need this for development. You can’t construct a plan without visualizing what you want.  Seeing what you want makes your mind believe that it will happen. With all things, it makes it easier to create an action. But, if you don’t have action, what you all did was pointless. 

For face, you can apply what you see with this rule. Art around is created usually by a process with or without knowing it. To become a better artist ,it’s good to apply this techniques or steps. 

  1. Use the lights first
  2. Add the shading
  3. Add the details. 

Forgetting any step results of not capturing the picture loses it’s truest realism. (Depends on the picture) 

Lastly for Body, it follows the same structure. Body is pretty similar to developement. When I talk about Body I'm resulting to Fitness.  Changing your body is an art of it’s own. It has boundless opportunities. You need to 

  1. Follow plan
  2. Track
  3. Consistency

Again, if you are not following your plan you can't track your progress. BUT, if you are already doing both that's awesome! However if you don't do it daily, nothing will happen. 

So having the 3 rule helps to either widen or narrow a plan or system with what ever you do. It helps keep you on track and not to do too much or less. Just the right amount of work. Try it yourself!

What’s your system that applies to everything you do?