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Hello Boundies!

It's been a month since the launch of this site and I thought it's good time to share information about the experts in the creative field; especially for people who don't know too much in the industry. I been communicating with a fantastic artist and has been very responsive. I thank her again for taking the time to participate in these discussions! 

This lovely artist is Lisa Solomon! Living in Sunny California, she has been doing art since 1995! Her art is extremely fascinating. Through the collaborations of craft, masculinity and femininity, and the research of science; she collaborates wrong objects together to make some neat art! 

Since I been communicating with Lisa, I decided to ask her some questions that could inform others how the art world is and how to they can expand their practices. 


1.  What are your current inspirations?

I always find this question really hard to answer. I’m inspired by a million things – the weather, the shifting light, my kid’s drawings, food I’m eating, my artist friends, we just fostered a couple of monarch butterflies and they flew off this morning. That was pretty amazing. right now we have orchids and lilies in our house that are inspiring me. Also a former student gave me a gift yesterday that is amazing. It’s called the dictionary of color combinations by sanzo wada – it’s so beautiful 


2. What is the art world lacking?

I don’t know. I think the art world is pretty diverse – there’s room for everyone – and you are able to find things that you like and you don’t like. 


3. Do you keep a budget with the resources that you use? 

it really depends on the project. I mean I know how much money I have and what I feel comfortable spending on a project, but some require more funds than others. I always weigh my choices… but ultimately I feel like you can’t be that concerned with how much it costs to make artwork. If it needs to get made, then you have to find a way. 


4. Do you or how do you involve yourself with the community?

Yes ! Community is super important. I go to openings, I visit my friend’s studios, I go look at shows. I also feel like social media is a big community. I love seeing what makers are up to on instagram and the like. I really feel lucky in that I have both a local and international community – people I can turn to for support, advise, honest feedback. Working in the studio by yourself can be lonely so it’s nice to feel like there are like minds out there… also making.

To Conclude:

I hope you enjoyed the mini interview with Lisa Solomon. Anyone that is new into the creative world should understand the necessities to grow as an artist. Like many, involving yourself with the material you have access to is the best way to excel as a beginner.

With the buttons below, I left some links for you to check out that refer to more about Lisa. She's truly incredible! Please add your thoughts and your success in the creative industry below in the comments section :)