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Hellooo active artists!


It’s holiday season and I feel it’s probably a hit for everyone. As a side job I do a little retail. In my little retail job, I notice every consumer is just busy. Busy for gifts, work and the change for the new year.

All the new changes seem fun?! Yea well not so much. A lot of consumer’s I notice are just annoyed, following the “holiday routine”....losing the spirit of giving. Which all results of a more busier routine. For example, getting the gift for your partner and spending $1000 on them. Or for your cousin, you agreed to do a secret santa. And for your work events, you may be spending money on drinks, food and small gifts for everyone. Me, myself I’m spending gifts for the volunteers I volunteer at. 


I'm really feeling that pressure to be the best gift person ever. It's almost like your life dwells on it. I feel that tension with people, the stress and frustration. Also, because I been working on my business, I'm going to have to leave shopping for Holidays last minute. 

I thought holidays meant.. you know holidays?? Holy-day.  Being holy to yourself, enjoying others? Well here in Canada anyways. 

No what, I realized there needs to be a fun perspective on this. Not really for me, but I realized this needs to be looked at by everyone. I call this week...#Busyweek! But a FUN busy week. Like that? :)

Let’s make this busy week fun! Get that shopping list for others and destroy it. Get busy by making your own gifts. Be the active artists you are and make a gift. 

("Real Simple" has great ideas to get your inspiration going for the holidays! )


(Also, I think as busy people we kind of lose the meaning of the holiday with in our culture. Here's a recap to understand what holidays are suppose to mean)



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-Thanks for reading, Boundie :)