Why blogging has been fun so far | Creative Boundless


Hey Boundies!

I’m starting to see lots of traffic on this site, and it’s awesome!

Wanted to keep you posted with all the cool stuff that are coming your way!


1. Youtube Account is on it’s way. I haven’t started one yet because I am unsure if I want to make this fitness or art. I mean I could do both, but I haven’t found a strong enough platform yet. Also I kind of want to wait until this site has a better design and a good basis of community :)


2. E-book. You creative people need to eat. All you youngin’s need to eat. Me too, we all need too. Food is amazing :) My best friend and I are creating a do-able, simple easy e-book. 


3. New page. I’m working on a gallery page were I will be selling some art work and/or helping artists do there’s too. 


Got all that out of the way. Since I started this blog, I thought it be a good idea to give my opinion on blogging and what you can learn from me. This is all opinion base, so please give me your thoughts and opinions of your experience


1. It’s fun

I personally love it. Once you find what to write about it, anything you can write is endless. It’s also fun because you can have crazy disucssions and meet others that you haven’t met before!

2. Writing

People who struggle with writing can benefit from blogging. Through experience, I feel I’m getting a little better, faster and more efficient. I’m able to recall new words easier too!

3. Helping

I have found that I been able to meet so many people. Especially helping them by checking their blog posts while they visit mine. 

4. Hectic

The hectic lifestyle of blogging is entertaining. You are worrying if people will like it, hate it or if you even give a damn. But than you realize it's fear talking and you don't care. 

5. Competition

Blogging is competitive. But I don’t take it as a horrible thing. I think of it as a hobby I should of done before. Thus, I enjoy to seeing what is currently popular and what isn’t. 

6. Learning to market

Through competition you know what people like. Also you see how they cater to others. Through other bloggers, I read and see how they interact. This has shown me what type of language to use and how to use it in my blogs.

7. Networking

The obvious one, but I enjoy the networking aspect; encouraging many to read my blog posts. Also promoting others work to on twitter. I love twitter, blah it’s addicting.

8. Deadlines

You kind of feel like you run your own journal or newspaper. You always need to make sure you have new content per week. It’s teaching me to be a little more promising when I say I’ll write a new post. 

9. Time

I’m never bored. If I have free time, I’m looking for new content, or reading new blog posts. I’m also excited to either write or read. It’s great to know I’m using my time wisely.

10. Knowledgeable

I’m learning more about the blogging world, the media world and the topics I discussed. It's a great way to further the newest technology that I didn't know before. 


Thanks for reading, what's your favourite aspect about blogging?! Would love to hear your thoughts:)

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