"How Art Communicates Other Subjects | Creative Boundless "


“Complain about the way other people make software by making software”-Kleon, Austin. In other words, want to make a statement, not happy with a cause or life circumstances? Maybe you 

  1. Failed your test but do not agree how your instructor marked your test, OR
  2. You have a very political point of view and want to have a voice OR
  3. Yadadadadaadaa. Jibber, jabba. You get the drift. 

Use this information to make something great out of it. A different way of looking at things :)

Another element to take from Kleon’s book, “How to Steal like an Artist” is to create your own identity. An artist who studies not one, but many innovators to develop your own message. You throw out and take what helps develop and create your own image. 

So, taking those blah situations and use them to create a voice. And that voice will represent the greatness of you! Using that ability to stand up or create something essential for human needs. 

Seems like this is all about seeing the perspective of an artist, isn’t it?! Creating a meaning with the collaboration of other issues, skills or inspiration? YUPPPP. But don’t forget there’s a lot more to it. 


Here’s a great example that put’s this thought into context. Taking a voice to stand up for a pretty shallow issue. The Creatorsproject team stands up for horrifying issue of children dealing with sexual assault. 

With the use of childhood photographed objects, the creatorsprojet illustrate the absence of a child only leaving some of the children’s objects. Check the site and you will see how they present there case.  All rights go to Creatorsproject. 

They are creating an identity of hope and willpower to fight violence. 

Fun Science

 Looking at the little dust particles in your phone, stains in your sink or messes on your kitchen table wouldn’t be seen as a way to express a voice with art. Yet, science does it again! Science uses a cool voice to show that art is everywhere! The microbiology contest with Livescience shows that

  • science and art intertwine
  • demonstrate the human body identity through visual demonstration of microbiology

Totally check out more about the contest. One of the contestants created a heavy duty map of New York city with germs.  

How do you communicate with art to spread your voice and further your identity?!?

Let’s hear your voice!