"Do you belong to the CreativeSociety?! | Results | Creative Boundless"


Hey boundies, Welcome to this site! 

For all you creative lovers out there, I did a test to see if you would benefit from the content that it is on here!

It’s time to give the results...

Result for #1. I feel that 70% Above is a good indicator that belong to the Creative Society! Why 70%?! Most of the questions are linked to a person who is a creative. Traits of a creative person usually are opened to many possibilities, enjoy achieving goals, thinking of new solutions, and see all things in a different perspective. 

(if you haven’t done the quiz yet, you can still do it! www.thecreativequiz.com)

Results for #2.

Suitable personality types:

  • ISFP-The artist 
  • INFP- The Idealists
  • INTF- The Scientists
  • ESFP- The Performer
  • ENTP- The Visionary

These personality types help indicate that you will enjoy the Creative Boundless community!

(If you want to see your personality type, go find the definitions here:  https://www.personalitypage.com/high-level.html

Results for #3:

  • If you saw the gorilla it indicates that you are looking for more and you have the willingness to look through all possibilities and fine lines!

There you go!



p.s. Anyone is welcome to join, the results may say one thing but you could think the other!

Do you agree with the results?!