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When you look all over social media, you see art is spreading like no tomorrow. I really feel the tenseness of the competition. Your not sure where your talent stands. I’m on so many different Instagram pages and everyone is usually like...

“You are so unique”

“You have a great style”

“I haven’t seen anything like it” 

This isn’t just social media, this is at galleries too. Going to all the galleries, every person is just really different and offers so much. Galleries are good to distinguish all the individuals. 

For a person like me, and maybe you; this tenseness is a little overwhelming. You may be asking, “where do you start, my art is great”. 

And honestly it probably is, however the panic feeling of being unsure if people will, "like it" isn’t really the issue. The issue is if it communicates YOU. Than the right people will appreciate it. 

I went to the Manitoba Arts Network, and the director gave me some valuable points. If you go anywhere, they always give you guidelines on what galleries owners, or what others are looking for! THUS, no matter what they say, you just need a really good theme (some what to the what the gallery want) that interests you. Once you have an interest the theme will communicate a message, and that will be your style. 

No style usually means no originality or individuality. People are usually good at knowing if you really put time and effort into anything. 

What is an artistic style?

 Explaining a style is a little weird to define. That's because you are the creator of the style. Defining a subject is always controversial, though Living With Art, Rita Gilbert describes it in the must generalized and unique way. “Artistic style is the sum of constant, recurring or coherent traits identified with a certain individual or group.” Basically saying, a style is your way how you perceive a medium, technique and inspirations that you create through imagination. 

The travelling show is a great example of an "artistic style" in action. They aren't pursuing the type of art that uses a paint brush and paper, but they pursue music. They combine rap and modern beats that inspire them and others.

The importance

Now going back to my little story. A style is important because people know it's you! When you add your perception of other ideas, no one can be better than your own creations. Of course there is adaption, but that's an adaption. It's a whole new style. A style that helps your expertise and uniqueness! 

You want to be an expert in what you are doing. If you don’t have one or many styles of some sort of profession, people may question your authority. 

You want to be the expert on how people see your way of combining certain colours, or how you see the chemistry of people, objects or landscape working better in one scenario compared to another one. 

If you are feeling over whelmed, you shouldn't. When you find a style and are being honoured for uniqueness; people are appreciating your train of imagination. IF you are not there, than here are some guidelines that will help your style.

1. Studio time. To find any inspiration, you need to have that block of space for you. it's essential to do this. Maybe one hour a few times a week will get some of your imagination rolling. 

2. Get out there. The best time to find inspiration is leaving your home and look around your city. I bet your city is beautiful if you look far enough. You may be surprised with the art around you.

3. Communicate. Talk to other artists and see how they found themselves and their perception of their style. 

4. Have fun. When you haven't found your style yet, experiment. That's how I found out I prefer painting portraits. I thought I would hate painting, but I realized I loved it. I found it easier to blend colours and make it more realistic. 

I feel my style s expressing darker qualities, with realism/ playful paintings with defined lines. 

I feel my style s expressing darker qualities, with realism/ playful paintings with defined lines. 

Jennifer Antonio, the creator of “Creative Boundless’ who refers herself to “Boundie” helps encourage others to peruse the creative life style. With her tagline, “Keeping the artists active” hopes that others see the benefits of doing activities you love without boundaries. She focuses on art, fitness, travel and business so you can have the best life ever :)