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I been pretty active on social media lately, and I have found some very unique individuals! This following fella is named Jacob! He creates very beautiful sculptures. Jacob, the self-taught artist has always had a passion for art. Oddly enough, his family is quite like the unordinary. His father is an award winning designer with a history in silversmithing; his mother is an art teacher and his brother works in film and television. By his environment, his surroundings inspired him to create art. 

Jacob truly understands the hectic lifestyle of an artist, living with some of the frustrations and myth's people may define an artist. Though, it's easy to overcome some of the misconceptions, we both agreed with one difficult argument; everyone expects to draw "amazingly" right away.

Jacob pointed out that people assume you are just born with an artistic talent. Thus, people forget that art is a skill. Yet art is a skill that generally takes time, practice and constant learning. 

On the contrary, here is an interview showing a scenario how we can teach others how to create art; giving a person to chance to develop their skills. 

The Interview begins....

Do you think people assume their abilities in art?!

Yes. So many people say to me 'art is the one subject I couldn't do' this to me is painful to hear. Art is the one subject people just expect to be able to do, you wouldn't go into a maths lesson and expect to be able to just sit down and do complex calculations, you have to be taught and to learn. It's the same with art, yes some people will have a natural talent, this is again the same as any other subject, it's just easier to see when people are naturally better or worse at art and I feel this scares a lot of people off. I don't claim to be excellent at drawing or painting but it's something I work on and I can see improvement with each new piece. You can't expect to sit down and draw like Leonardo. If you look at different artists and different techniques, I'm sure there will be one you find more intuitive, focus and develop this. All art forms link into each other.

Truth be told, being in a class in the best way to develop your skills in art. Let's put you as the "teacher". If you were teaching a class, how would you get your students to be more creative!?:

I would tell them to explore different media experiment with different techniques and find something you enjoy. Art is about passion, you need to have a connection to the work you are doing if you are going to have a passion.

I would get them to explore the diverse range of existing artists. There is a huge wealth of creatives out there ready to be discovered. For young children who feel 'art just isn't there thing' it's only because they haven't found something they connect with. Some people will like the more classical painters such as Degas, others will have to look for other inspiration, this could be like for me a fascination with sculpture, or even something such as Tattoo illustration; art is subjective, everyone will have some form of art they like.

During a class, the most effective way to adapt a skill is taking action! In class, what elements would you teach your students to open up their creativity?!:

I feel like teaching is the wrong word to use, creativity isn't taught, creativity is something everyone is born with! Children aren't afraid to be wrong, this freedom to try without such a worry about the consequences allows a freedom to be creative. This concept is beautifully developed on by Sir Ken Robinson in this TED Talk,  which talks about divergent thinking.

I would explore tests on divergent thinking, I would want them to see that allowing your mind to be free from as many constraints certainly within creative subjects helps learning and creativity. So in terms of teaching there is nothing to do, I would just nurture what is already there.

Now resulting back to you as a constant learner, what was your moment that made you want to pursue art?!:

I still recognize the realization that I wanted to be an artist came at Gormleys 'Lost in Space' exhibition at the Hayward, at that point art became alive for me. There also was a sculpture park in Coalbrookdale being taken round the park and being allowed inside the building to see the maquettes of Roy Kitchen, that led to enormous powerful sculptures gave me a wonderful insight into how the process worked at a very young age.

With my sculptures, I try to capture the most dynamic part of an energetic action. The tipping point where the figure is at full stretch and most taught. This fraction of a second is more often felt rather than seen but I hope to capture it for all to contemplate and enjoy. Steel is the perfect medium for this as a strong linear framework can be made with very little material; this creates enough of a picture for the piece to have a recognisable figure but leads enough to the imagination, you take out what you put in and you can take something different away every time you look at the pieces.

In summary....

Art is a skill that usually needs to be taught. If you are worried that you are not great, don't give up. Through this great conversation with Jacob, stimulating your mind through constant exercises will open your thoughts to your creative skills. Where it was mentioned above, learning is the best way to strengthen your artistic abilities. 

About Jacob:

Jacob is an figurative sculptor who works in steel and other metals. He does strengthens his horizon by exploring other mediums through different techniques, subsequently; metal is where I feels more alive. He is influenced by cubists, futurists that is seen in his work. Below is Jacob's site! Check it out :)


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