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Hey Boundies I hope everybody is doing well! Holidays are finally behind us and everyone's routines are going back to normal. WOO. Especially myself. To start the new year, I thought I introduce you all to a very awesome artist! I met her at the, "Manitoba Art Expo" ( a show and sale that is held in my city, which is located in Winnipeg.) and she is insanely talented. I was amazed what she does. She creates beautiful glass work, illustrations and does graphic design too! 

I really value her work because she is living the artist dream and I really wanted to find her point of view for others who are unsure how art would benefit them, besides it being a hobby. Art can do many things for people, and I want to show that being creative can help you! Especially in the workforce!

The older people around me, including my parents work corporate jobs. They say creativity is essential, but I do see misconceptions that it's a waste or useless. I want to change that or give at least an eye opener that art can do many things and that it's not only for children. 

Likewise, here is June's interview. Must say, a very talented women who has been in the industry for 30 years. 


#1: What's your definition of art ?

My definition of art is any means of creating a visually pleasing creative concept that evoke emotion in the viewer. To share a little piece of your personality, soul or emotion with the viewer. To tell a story or to mark a period in time in a visually creative way. 

#2: Why do all (or most) occupations need (might need) art for their company?

I personally feel that art in the workspace is great for personalizing a company. To show the public a little about their personality as a company. It also is good for moral and inspiration if the right piece of art is chosen. It’s comforting and welcoming. 

My office, for instance is surround by my favourite artwork from acrylic paintings, sculpture, collage, fabric art, graphic design posters, my own graphic design and as well as my own glass work. I am surrounded by artwork that inspires me and that lets me drift off into my imagination if I need to take a break. Not only that I have a large picture window that features the best artist of all… mother nature. All the things fuel me when I work. I can’t imagine an office without them.

#3: Do you think art/design has been more encouraged or discouraged in the work force?

Coming from a creative field of work, my own space and previous workplaces have always had artwork on the wall. So this doesn’t really apply to me, but having been involved as a board member for Art Expo and trying to gather the attention of larger companies to invest in artwork, it’s difficult. There are a lot of budget cuts and one of the first things to go is the money set aside for investing in artwork.

#4: Should everyone do art?!

Creating artwork is a great way to relive a lot of stress. It gets your brain thinking. It makes you look at things in different ways. It pushes your imagination. It is also great for the community, because it brings people together in real time. It opens things up for discussion, gathers people for classes to learn.

So many people are embarrassed to start creating. They don’t think they are good enough or they lack the talent. They may think it is a waste of time. This should not be the case. Not everybody will be showcasing their art in a gallery, that is true, but the benefits of creating the artwork for yourself is what should be most important. 

#5: What three occupations do you think need more of art?!

Healthcare, to relieve the stress they are under. Also to comfort patients with visual stimulation, so they forget where they are for just a moment. Hospital rooms need artwork. Having spent so much time in the hospital with my family members, the rooms are very depressing.

I think any high stress occupation can benefit from artwork in the workplace. 

#6: Does art help you in your career?

Art is all about my career. As a graphic designer and glass artist, I need to be surrounded by visual stimulation, so it can fuel my next idea, wether it be from artwork on the wall to books on art, to internet surfing. I can’t imagine life without it. It makes me happy.

Thanks for reading the interview! June is incredible, make sure you visit her site! Also, does your work place allow you to persue art?! If not, do you think more places need it?!?! 


Jennifer Antonio, the creator of “Creative Boundless’ who refers herself to “Boundie” helps encourage others to peruse the creative life style. With her tagline, “Keeping the artists active” hopes that others see the benefits of doing activities you love without boundaries. She focuses on art, fitness, travel and business so you can have the best life ever :)