The Blessing of Street Art | Paradoxical view By Jennifer Antonio



I remember walking downtown in Winnipeg, my home city. Even since I been little, I had a hard time accepting the beauty of it. 

People would say, “Winnipeg is great, we get four winters” or “Winnipeg has many festivals” and “the city and people are beautiful”.

Some of you who may know, Winnipeg is in Canada where the landscape is dull. Just land you can see miles a way. Also, it gets bloody cold! Aside from this year being warm; temperatures are usually -40 or colder. 

That’s not all of it, Winnipeg has a high crime rate with a lot of drug use. 

The ones who decide to take drugs or who are in gangs like to take down the city and mark their “territory”. It is very frustrating where beautiful places get “drawn on”.

But is this only perception?!


You’ve probably heard the term “yin-yang”. Personal Tao explains this concept from their article “What is Yin Yang” as a symbol that represents the completion of two halves coming as one.

Enjoyed the article so far?!? I will keep you posted when it gets published in STIG magazine :)

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