What Does Creativity Actually Mean?

We have always heard about the term ‘creativity’. Many people say, “I don’t have a creative mind.” The fact is that we’re all born with creativity. Well, most of the parents tell their children to be creative while doing any sort of work. What do they actually mean by ‘being creative’? Let me explain the term ‘creativity’. 



“Creativity is the ability to do/create something new from our own imagination.” 

Imagination is an important factor in creativity. According to Einstein, “Logic will get you from A to B but Imagination will take you everywhere!”

 Creativity makes us stand out in a line of ordinary people but not everyone is creative by default. 

Then one question arises - Can creativity be learned?

The answer is - Yes! But you have to work on your skills everyday to sharpen your creativity.


To create something new, we need creativity & imagination. Many famous scientists believed that creativity has a lot of importance in everyday life.

Let’s consider an example - A teacher told his students to draw a picture of him while staring at a tree. Students quickly grabbed their pencils and started drawing his picture. There was one student who was not drawing anything, just looking at his teacher. Maybe he was lost in thinking about something. After about 30 minutes, he grabbed his pencil and started scribbling.

The other students were trying to draw picture exactly as the view. But, the other student was doing something different, he wasn’t even looking at his teacher while drawing.

 After some time, he started to fill colour in the picture. Finally after 1 hour, the teacher said that the time was up and told his student to show their drawing. The teacher began to inspect the drawings one by one.  Almost every picture was incomplete.

 At last, he saw the picture of the other student. He was surprised because the drawing was way different compared to the others. His style of drawing was astonishingly graceful. It was a colourful drawing filled with a lot of creativity. When he asked about the secret behind the drawing, the student said he spent the first 30 minutes thinking on what he can do differently. This is what I call "creativity". Doing something different. 

       Activation code will be sent to you :)

       Activation code will be sent to you :)


In short, creativity is something that makes you special than others. It requires thinking and imagination. Everyone is born with creativity, you just have to maintain it when you grow up. We have to work hard each and every day to sharpen our creativity. That’s it! Good luck with your creative journey ahead! Hope you have liked the article. I write about creativity and checkout my blog to explode the creativity in you! 

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Thus, we all  creative lives. What is your must unique quality you have?


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