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If I knew...even earlier then I did, I would of done this a lot sooner.

I remember being in school and feeling bombarded of the “jobs” we were meant to get. I mean I don’t blame the schools, they were only trying to help us. I mean doing what we reeaaalllllyyy wanted to do takes too much effort. On the other hand I don’t know, I feel that doing a job that you really hate takes more energy than pursuing your dreams. Maybe the schools were scared that our society wouldn’t grow or business’s wouldn’t continue if we just did us. 

 Now I’m not saying everyone didn’t have the chance to do what they wanted to do, but my question for you that goes to me, did you ACTUALLY do what you REALLY wanted to do? 

And for me my answer is a definite no; not yet. Want to know why? Well we all have our own experiences and thoughts but every time…and yes, every time I told my friends, family, co-workers and teachers what I wanted to do...they all would say the same thing. It’s hard, not worth it, it’s a “dream’, why would you do that and it just kept escalating. 

So basically, I am talking about my dreams but you as a reader I want to tell you something right now. If you have EVER ever felt that your thoughts on what you really wanted to do were impossible, it’s a lie. It is A LOT easier than you think. I’m going to briefly share my story and my success I’ve had this year doing what I REALLLY wanted to do. Not giving one damn of what people thought UNLESS it benefited me in the future. 


Ever since school started, I always knew what I wanted to be. And I wanted to be an artist. I remember being in grade 1 class and always being excited for art. I took it seriously but my teacher’s said, “ This is only for fun, we will do the real work later”.

I actually can’t explain much on how I felt about art, it’s just something you are passion about I guess. But I always knew that’s what I wanted to do, but had no idea how to pursue it. 

Every chance I got, I did art as much art as I could. But like anyone else, I let it slip in the corner. Eventually high school hit, and our teachers would remind us about our futures. Finding practical jobs and working 9-5. Already getting our expectations on what our real world would look like. When I hit grade 12, even when I did art; I was just done with it. If it was going to be nothing valuable for me; I thought it had no value in my life. 

(This could be a personal experience about how I thought school influenced my life choices, but if you feel the same way or disagree please let me know in the comment box below. )


So after high school like most teenagers/ young adults do; I partied and lived my life during the weekends. I did horrible in University and I struggled trying and pursuing the 9-5 job. ONCE I actually had that job, I hated my life. 

After the first year of university I decided to take a break. Boy I was confused. I didn’t know what I wanted as a career or what mattered to me. A few weeks after university started for my friends, I was just working a few retail jobs to just get by. I remember there was this one day that hit me. One of my friends cousins saw my artwork and wanted me to make a portrait for them. I wasn’t sure if I could do it. But I decide to challenge myself. And at that moment, I realized I wanted to pursue art in someway. I did well for my first portrait piece. And that was a moment I felt like I was shining. 

I was instantly depressed. I knew I could not live my life this way hoping to pursue my dreams. (It also didn’t help that I had a grandfather who prohibited me to pursue it). Eventually, I met this couple who did network marketing (NO I am not going to talk about the MLM opportunity. I do not do it anymore, but it plays a huge part in my story) and it changed how I felt about life. 

Even though I didn’t really do much with MLM, I really payed attention to the self-development aspect of it. I started improving on myself. Figuring out what I wanted and not what EVERYONE else wanted. I started writing my goals and practicing my daily habits everyday. This is where the creativity and art came back into my life.  I felt sooooooo extremely passion it about it. I knew all of a sudden I needed to do this. (It did take me another year to actually practice art. But this is where this moment haunted me until I did it).

Eventually, I started seeking opportunities where I could learn how I could pursue my dreams in art. I started reading books that benefited ME; I bought courses online to improve my skills and looked up to people who were doing what I wanted to do. 


THIS year (2016) this is what I accomplished so far. 

  • I was apart of 4 art shows.
  • I got my FIRST logo design job
  • I got ACCEPTED to graphic designing at the college I REALLY WANTED
  • I had the opportunity to be an apprentice at a Graphic Design company
  • I got to pursue the face painting/ glitter tattoo/ balloon side job I wanted to do
  • Pursued the Creative Blog I wanted to do.
  • I got a few more clients for portrait work


These are the MINI goals that I wanted to accomplish. I have a lot more that I want to do, but I won’t share them until I did them. However, I wanted to share what I REALLY wanted to do and that I ACTUALLY did it. 


And just letting you know, I have a crazy life. My schedule is chaotic and it definitely wasn’t the easiest thing to do, but it wasn’t the hardest either. 

Before I get into HOW I got into all this, I kind of want to cover what I mean by “dreams”.


So, there are different terms of dreams. But when I talk about pursuing your dreams, I’m relating to what you see yourself doing. The type of work, occupation or hobby that connects to your inner being. Your happy place. The type of hobby, job or whatever it is that makes you feel YOU. 

This can be easy OR hard for you to figure out. But if you keep experimenting on different jobs, and still think of doing the same thing; you will soon realize that is your dream. 

Also, pursuing your dream may be different for you then others. Your dream might be something you want to do on the side, you may want to pursue it all the time. You may want to share it with the world and get known for your work OR you just might want to keep it to yourself. Whatever it is, you need to discover HOW you will pursue that dream.

Whatever you decide on, always pursue it. It’s your life’s purpose and it keeps you going. Not pursuing your passions and hobbies in any form keeps you as a zombie. You lose your ambitiousness and don’t want to discover the world.


I always hear people talking how our dreams are so difficult or we say things like,

“Only special people can do that”

“It’s just a dream”

“You won’t make money off that”

Dreams in my perspective a form of life we should be pursuing. We may never actually get there completely or you may be living it. However, dreams are an indicator on what journey you are meant to live. If your dream ever alters, that could mean you are pursuing it NOW but you need to do more to keep going OR you are meant to try another dream. 

In essence, knowing that DREAMS are possible, knowing how to get there is crucial.

Let’s do an example. If you go to work or school, you generally IMAGINE the day before you go. You get your food ready, you look according to your day. You are preparing your life for work OR school. And the end result? You end up going (usually). 

NOW let’s put that in your dream. You need to get yourself ready for it. You need to imagine and physically get yourself in tip top shape. If you want to be an artist, musician, businessman or a lawyer; you need to literally believe and act as that. THEN you need to go and be it!

How do you BE YOUR DREAM?

Research…but make it fun research. Interview people, read books or search the web. You literally just need to find the steps on what you need to do to get there. 

if you can go to work OR school and get there, you can get to your dream. It’s that easy. It just contains a little bit of effort. 

When you research how to be an artist, see how they connected with gallery owners, how they found their clients and how they developed their skills; see who they talked to and what classes they took and DOO IT. (This is applicable for any dream).

Another piece of advice is being actively involved in the community of the people who have the same dream as you. WHY? You create connections, you find out who to talk to and what groups of people you should be around. This will build you up as a person but further strengthen your dream and give you a clearer suggestion on where to go. Knowing other people can do it, you can do. 

And honestly that’s what I did…and ALL I did. And actually, “research” seems like a tedious word. Investigate is what you need to do. Examine what has already been done. When I did that, I literally just started making connections and told people what I did. I chatted with the people in the industry and showed my art to everybody and bam! I was getting the recognition and work I wanted that went towards my dream.

I talked to gallery owners, bought mini memberships to art galleries, and read books. There is truly NO secret antidote here my friends. It’s just getting out there and doing what you love. Success comes to people who continue their love of their passions. People notice it and somehow get drawn to it and help you. OR because they know you do that type of dream, they will keep you in mind and eventually contact you. Just be envious on the resources around you and take advantage of all of them. At some point, you will forget about the time it could take you because you are enjoying the process and even just doing your dream makes it all worth wild. And that’s what you should be focusing on anyways. 

Take power of community involvement. If you want a secret…that’s the best one for you. 


I don’t know why society makes it hard for us to pursue our dreams. I actually don’t know. It could be a lack of knowledge, jealousy or uncertainty.

However every dream IS a type of POTENTIAL career to make a living off of. You just need to adjust your mindset.

If people love your work, remember people are supporting YOU because you are creating work that is helping others in some form. If we are going to work, might as well doing something you love. 

If you plan to make money with it, always remember it’s to help you live and practice your passion so you can live up to these dreams. 

You could make MILLIONS or just an average income to none. But the journey is about you and your happiness. You don’t have to make everyone happy and you actually won’t either. 

Remember what people want out of you may not be the best interest for yourself. You need to find a common ground of what YOU want and what others want. You need to find what makes you happy. 


We reject our dreams because we want to live up to other people’s standards. We are afraid of people’s rejection. 

When people tell us it's hard and scary, we believe them. BUT we only believe of what they actually fear. They fear you will PROBABLY succeed and they won't. 

Nonetheless, pursuing our dreams are pretty scary. I mean, I avoided it for 17 years. When I turned 18 I been following my dreams ever since. It's been 4 years now and this has been the year I been busting my touche. You may not want to go all out, and you don't need too. But I want to completely live my dream, so I'm going to do it. You should too. 

I feel like we also reject dreams because we haven't seen it happen yet. We feel as if it will just happen tomorrow. Then tomorrow happens and we think the same thing. 


It honestly is. If you look at every single successful person, they generally start from no where. All they did was surround themselves with a bunch of like-minded individuals and followed their actions. You just need to do the same and just DON'T stop. ANYTHING you do that relates to your dreams brings you one step closer. 

From a former lazy person who had trouble following their dreams, all I can say is that you can do it. It's literally just doing another type of task, skill or whatever you want to call. In the end, it's about figuring you, this is your journey and no one else's. Remember this question, " Have you done what you really really REALLY wanted to do?". If you can answer truthfully, you've already passed the first step. 





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How creativity helps with issues| CreativeBoundless

Everyone has probably dealt with some sort of personal issues. 

A break up?

Getting Bullied?

Parents fighting or divorcing?!

A death?

A miscarriage?!

It is irrelevant to say that a person has been “problem free” of any problems in their life. Problems are hard to deal with, and many possibilities can occur within yourself. 

From personal experience, I’ve seen myself deal with the same issues differently then others and vice versa. 

One of my main issues I’ve had within myself has always been self-image, obsess with weight and bad binge eating habits. 

This may not be the worse situation you have heard of, but from a person who has been living an average life with not many issues to deal with, this has been the worse for myself. 


My Worst Time

It was my first time competing for a fitness competition. I finally actually devoted my life to eating healthy, getting fit and practicing personal growth. I thought I was going into the right direction. But I was actually putting myself into danger. 

I was doing WAYYYY too much. I was working shift work that suffered my sleep. I probably devoting 20 hours there. I was a full time student taking four classes, I was trying to start a business and I was trying to see my boyfriend; trying to be “Superwomen”. Also, going to the gym took my free time where I was getting bad anxiety. And the gym is suppose to help with that. 

Ever since I was little, I’ve had a mom who had a few diagnosis’s of mental illness’s. Not that i’m blaming her for anything, though I felt that I was in a position that I had to grow up faster then most people. I never really had boundaries, rules or structure in my life. My mom was too ill to teach me the basic’s of the world. She couldn’t teach me that, I had to figure this out all on my own.

It was almost if I had an ‘absent mother”. She was there and loving, but nothing more. I couldn’t ask her for guidance or financial help, I was really on my own. This is why I was in danger. 

“it was almost if I had an “absent mother’”

For the years that a lot of the other children had with their moms, helping them with life, I was immature, in-denial and lazy.  Finally reaching 20. all those years added up to a big shock. I was trying to figure out who I was and what I was suppose to do with my life. 

I was really hurting my body by doing too much that it could handle. My mood changed, I was so anxious and worried what people thought about me and if I could meet their standards and if I was going to be the person that I wanted to be. I started to get weird signals in my left hand where it started shaking and my body would just get stiff. My brain exploded with over thinking to the point that I would get really bad headaches. 

I started to realize I was hurting. Though I kept playing it “strong”. Just forgetting or ignoring the signals or how I felt. 

I followed the meal plans that my trainer gave me, and didn’t realize that she was under feeding me, making me lose oxygen in my brain by not feeing me enough nutrients. This probably added a lot of stress to my body as well, which was just “great”.

Hence, with all these issues in my mind, I had three months before I had to get extremely lean for my competition. I started to feel like I wasn’t really here. I followed my intense and difficult workout that I needed to do in order to achieve the body that I needed to get. Boy, it was fun but difficult. I was able to do a lot more workouts, though I felt like I was going to faint. 

The turn over

My body was probably telling me something was up. I started to binge randomly. I was following a 1200 calorie diet (which is low), and I was starved. I was also getting weird cravings for peanut butter. (Now I hate peanut butter after this). I would eat jars, jars and jars of it. It tasted so good. I felt extremely addicted and I was confused why I liked it so much. After researching online, peanut butter is actually a HUGE indicator that your body is really stressed or your not eating enough. If you are dealing with this addiction, click here to find out more

This is how I basically lived for three months. Not the greatest, plus I had to do a depletion that cuts my water intake a week before my competition day. When competition hit, I was truly disappointed. 

I was cut and lean for my show, with barely any muscles! THEY WERE GONE. All that hard work barely showed! I was pretty upset that I did all that I could so I could look my best, but I didn’t. Maybe on the outside I did, but not in the inside. 

After competition, having no trophy and just dealing with the post blues, I felt empty. My cravings for peanut butter were really bothering me and I felt that I was disconnected to my body completely. I lost myself a bit and my mind was blank.

Though, it was the first time where I had the chance to make a decision for myself. I didn’t mention this in the beginning, but I had a passion for art that I allowed myself slip away years ago. 

I truly thought art was a hobby with no benefit or reward. Hence, I decided to start drawing. I had nothing else at the time that would make me feel at ease, besides seeing my boyfriend. 

I started painting this beautiful realistic picture of a mermaid with fun and dark colours. This was a painting that needed to be done for a friend. I started looking at the relationship with the fine detail, perfecting the negative spaces in the painting. I was trying to capture every detail to make this realism gorgeous painting. 

And there it was. Myself was coming alive again, with a single painting. I felt at ease, everything I felt didn’t necessarily “go away”, but it got better. And I understood, to get yourself back you need to let it go. You need to reach a dark point in yourself to understand what you truly want or feel. 

"You need to reach a dark point in yourself to understand what you truly want or feel. "

Furthermore, I decided to take a break and leave the trainer I was with. It was time for me to sit back and re-invent myself. I quit my job and slowly focused on school. 

"Though, it was the first time where I had the chance to make a decision for myself."

Exposing Yourself Creatively

When you focus on your mind through struggles, your brain freezes. It’s stiff and clueless. You need to prevent your mind from doing this. 

download (25) (1).jpeg

Focusing only on your worries closes your expansion of the world. Your idea’s can’t flow, your life’s message is in danger. You will be stuck in a cubicle. Almost as if you have a boss controlling your decisions, but the weird thing is; it’s you fighting you!

It happened to me, and it will happened to all of us. Even when we think all these situations are screaming and tangling us in these weird directions, it’s ourselves who did this. 

Why?! There are many beliefs on this, but here’s one way of thinking of it. It’s life’s greatest tests. If you ever read the Alchemist, it’s truly a wonderful book. A very short summary of it is that there’s a young male that wants to find his deepest treasure.  During his journey, life puts him through extreme tests to see how bad he wants his treasure.  He is faced with many difficult obstacles that bring him down to see if he deserves to get it. A very good read. It also shows that one decision per day aids up to the life you are currently living. Be careful with your life decisions and don't be fooled that one day "won't make a difference", because it will. 

This is why, every time you are in the WORST situation, this is a beautiful sign. LIfe is putting you on the test. Do you really want what you said you wanted?! Also sometimes life throws you situations that it knows will hurt you. But in the end, you have something great waiting for you. The best advice is keeping looking forward and learn what you can. 

"Be careful with your life decisions and don't be fooled that one day "won't make a difference", because it will. "

So when you:

  • lose someone
  • fail a test
  • get a miscarriage

Life is throwing a challenge. I know many people do not like what I just wrote, nor do I. Though after each situation, many people always come bouncing back up with a better attitude, if they decide to. 

 I had a friend who lost her best friend, and she learned that it was her time to go and now is living her best friend’s legacy. My brother failed his Driver’s Ed test seven times! When he passed, he valued studying properly and not to be so cocky in the future. My friend had a miscarriage before she had her second child. Even though it was the worst time in her life, her and her husband realized they were not financially prepared for a baby. When their next baby came, they were in a better place. 

“My brother failed his driving test seven times!”

When you are in a bad time, this is a perfect time to find yourself creatively! Here are some recommendations to turn that bad issue around into a positive one OR to get your mind in a better place.

1. JOURNAL with thumb-nailing. 

Journaling helps your mind grasp the concept of the situation. Drawing different images with that situation with words helps put the situation in perspective. AND, it helps you let go. Throwing it out also shows your brain that the situation is no longer present. 


2. Pick three bad times you had in your life and paint them. 

Sometimes people create their best work in their most fearful and hurtful time. An image can represent so many words without writing them.  Also, pick a medium you have never used before. This is shifting your mindset with a challenge and focusing on a time that is no longer relevant. You will see how strong you are.


3. Go on a tour of your city.

This is neat. I know this might sound broad but I have a reason for this. When you find the history of your own town, you realize that your situation is not so bad after all. When you discover how the ancestors lived in your city before you, you might be relieved that your life is not the worst. Take pictures and cherish these moments. 


4. What’s your favourite craft as a child? Think of one and go to a shelter or a hospital. 

Remember when you were a kid doing tons of arts and crafts activities with an older parent? Bring this to a center that has children without families or with issues. This is so warming. Doing an activity with children who lost so much, you see their lives brighten just a little. OR you can see how happy they are with all the struggles they are dealing with. If a kid can do it, so can you!

5. Gratitude

Once a day, be grateful for ten objects, people or times that you really appreciate. Gratitude shows you what you have in your life and what others don’t. This may not be the most creative action you can do, but so many of us don’t do it. Trust me, if you do this for one month, you will see your life with more miracles and joy. 

This is something I can’t explain, you need to do this on your own. But see what happens, and continue doing this for three times a week. Even if this seems a lot, how many times have you thanked yourself being alive for? How many hours are there in a week that you are using to appreciate your life? Don’t waste it. 

Here are too great other articles that explain people going through rough times. They also show how these rough times benefited them in their art careers OR careers in general! You may know them!

Site #1:

Site #2:

Question for you! How did you co-op with a very difficult time creatively? What do you think life was trying to show you?



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Simple Post | Creative Boundless


This is a quote I wanted to share. This quote has been with me since high school. I've used it in many essay's and life experience's. It hits me pretty hard and has changed my perspective.

The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it. Read more




Thus, we all have that ONE life lesson, quote or object that keeps us going and reminds us to pursue our passions. WHAT"S YOURS? :)


Share this with your friends and see what kind of quotes the like!

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Click on the picture to learn more about me!

Hi I'm Jenn!

I'm a magician, artist and fitness lover who helps emerging artists PUSH THROUGH FAILURE.  I help you boundlessly get creatively ready through the road of success! I help you with tips, performance sheets, blog posts, audios, videos & more! Check it out!



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How you can create a successful Kickstarter campaign | CreativeBoundless

Hey Boundies! I’ve had a few people ask me if Kickstarter was a good platform to get funding for any art projects. 

First let’s see what kick starter. is.  It started in 2009 where any creative mediums could look for funding from professionals. You are able to show a project or business that is already to take off, but needs some extra cash to either continue or get started. 

It is a great fundraiser platform for business’s to find funding without getting a loan or borrowing from family members.  

The only concern is, does it work for everyone?! And sadly No. Not everyone will succeed on Kickstarter. Sometimes it might not even start. 

However, if your project doesn’t succeed, never ever feel discouraged or throw away your hard work. Make sure you revisit your work, research the market and re-evaluate were you think you could improve on. Just remember the 3 R’s! 


Thus, Kickstarter is all about learning and doing. This blog posts will be showing you how you can have a better and a more successful campaign. 


I would plan and re-plan again, again and again. You might have a way in your head, but when you actually put it on your computer, your idea usually looks way different. 

When you don’t plan, you are wasting double the amount of time fixing something that could of been fixed in your planning process. 

“When you don’t plan, you are wasting double the amount of time.”

Also, doing thumbnails are extremely effective. Creating mini rows of squares and adding different images on how you want your campaign to look, or the layout of the information to be. Thus, this can give you an opportunity that explores many ideas. 

Lastly, look at other campaigns, which I will be sharing in a moment. Looking at other campaigns show you:

  • what to say

  • how to make your campaign better

  • what are the most important details

This is probably the most important asset in creating a campaign. With not enough execution, your ideas might not make sense, or you could of missed an important element which might make you lose some opportunities for funding. 


2. Creating the campaign

I investigated some other campaigns and tried to find some similarities that made some campaigns stand out. I was shocked that there wasn’t a whole lot you actually needed. Though I found some appealing material that did help certain campaigns succeed. 

  • Pictures OR videos. BOTH are a must. You want possible funders to understand YOU, know YOUR story, and how YOUR going to use the funding. They need to see YOU so they can resonate with you. 
  • It’s about others. Even though the funding is essentially for you, funders do not care about that. They care on how you are going to help others. How is their money going to be worth it for them?! 

Here’s a two good examples :

#1: This campaign is about helping children. All the proceeds will further the growth of creativity in children. 

Very brilliant, it’s for a wonderful cause and definitely worth investing. They raised $3000 dollars!


Again, this is one is for education purposes. Though it does help knowing that their money is going to further each students potential. This is a great idea, if you can collaborate with another artist and talk about furthering your practices, this is definitely a better way to increase your funding potential.  


2. The criteria. Here’s a mini list that you should incorporate. I would do all of them. Many campaigns I noticed did not have many. Some did great, though most of them didn’t. And this list is simple, because it’s all about adding the Five W’s and How. Never underestimate the tricks they teach you in school for writing! They’re key!

  1. Who it will support.
  2. What will the funding do
  3. When is the deadline
  4. Where is this campaign held, and which city?! 
  5. "Why" and "How" will this funding help your campaign. "Why" and "How" should these funders help you!?! (Very important that you should try and not make this about you and put it towards a cause or a type of research. My examples might not be ideal but be unique and find something different!)
  6. “Timeline”, “What you get in Return”, and “Risks” are very important to blocks to fill out. Giving these funders a little tension to give the donation and understanding the urgency will increase your chances of funding!

(This campaign was probably the best one I’ve seen. They added every element I mentioned, and look at them kick butt! The great thing is that you can tell they spent a lot of time on this campaign, they created great rewards for funder’s; the video and the story is extremely touching. If this campaign is still up, it is worth checking out. )


#3: Promote

Make sure you promote your campaign on all the social media platforms you use. Make sure your post has a “call for action” title. Such as ‘Why your donations are needed for a great cause” Or, “Are you investing in the right places”? These are examples and I encourage to think of your own, people can tell if it was YOU who created these posts. Anything you write shows your personality. 

Depending on your social media, you can add a mini story. Adding a small but effective story will definitely get readers. 

“Adding a small but effective story will definitely get readers.”

You can use TweetDeck, or Hoot-suite to schedule your posts. However, because these are third party platforms, sometimes social media actually hides these. But, they are still great tools because you can potentially get your message across at specific times. Just beware not everyone can see them.


Great social medias for kick starter are:

  1. Facebook, this is the best platform to get personal.
  2. Twitter, this is easy since people love retweeting posts if it’s relevant to them!
  3. Linkedin, this is a great professional platform to reach professionals.
  4. Pinterest, Instagram and Google + are also good.


What’s next?

In essence, Kickstarter is a great tool to use if you know how to use it. You will most likely get funder’s if you research and properly plan your ideas. Don’t get discouraged if this campaign is not for you. There are many other ways to do well without Kickstarter.  

If you want some more information about kick starter, here are some outside sources that might help you:

1. (this is a book about online business’s. It has one mini section about Kick starter that is informational)

2.(this was the only handbook I could find for Kickstarter. Reviews seemed to be good and will probably inform you more about it)


3.Great blog posts that goes in detail for kickstarter

About the Editor

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Click on the picture to learn more about me!

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