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Hey Boundies! I’ve had a few people ask me if Kickstarter was a good platform to get funding for any art projects. 

First let’s see what kick starter. is.  It started in 2009 where any creative mediums could look for funding from professionals. You are able to show a project or business that is already to take off, but needs some extra cash to either continue or get started. 

It is a great fundraiser platform for business’s to find funding without getting a loan or borrowing from family members.  

The only concern is, does it work for everyone?! And sadly No. Not everyone will succeed on Kickstarter. Sometimes it might not even start. 

However, if your project doesn’t succeed, never ever feel discouraged or throw away your hard work. Make sure you revisit your work, research the market and re-evaluate were you think you could improve on. Just remember the 3 R’s! 


Thus, Kickstarter is all about learning and doing. This blog posts will be showing you how you can have a better and a more successful campaign. 


I would plan and re-plan again, again and again. You might have a way in your head, but when you actually put it on your computer, your idea usually looks way different. 

When you don’t plan, you are wasting double the amount of time fixing something that could of been fixed in your planning process. 

“When you don’t plan, you are wasting double the amount of time.”

Also, doing thumbnails are extremely effective. Creating mini rows of squares and adding different images on how you want your campaign to look, or the layout of the information to be. Thus, this can give you an opportunity that explores many ideas. 

Lastly, look at other campaigns, which I will be sharing in a moment. Looking at other campaigns show you:

  • what to say

  • how to make your campaign better

  • what are the most important details

This is probably the most important asset in creating a campaign. With not enough execution, your ideas might not make sense, or you could of missed an important element which might make you lose some opportunities for funding. 


2. Creating the campaign

I investigated some other campaigns and tried to find some similarities that made some campaigns stand out. I was shocked that there wasn’t a whole lot you actually needed. Though I found some appealing material that did help certain campaigns succeed. 

  • Pictures OR videos. BOTH are a must. You want possible funders to understand YOU, know YOUR story, and how YOUR going to use the funding. They need to see YOU so they can resonate with you. 
  • It’s about others. Even though the funding is essentially for you, funders do not care about that. They care on how you are going to help others. How is their money going to be worth it for them?! 

Here’s a two good examples :

#1: This campaign is about helping children. All the proceeds will further the growth of creativity in children. 

Very brilliant, it’s for a wonderful cause and definitely worth investing. They raised $3000 dollars!


Again, this is one is for education purposes. Though it does help knowing that their money is going to further each students potential. This is a great idea, if you can collaborate with another artist and talk about furthering your practices, this is definitely a better way to increase your funding potential.  


2. The criteria. Here’s a mini list that you should incorporate. I would do all of them. Many campaigns I noticed did not have many. Some did great, though most of them didn’t. And this list is simple, because it’s all about adding the Five W’s and How. Never underestimate the tricks they teach you in school for writing! They’re key!

  1. Who it will support.
  2. What will the funding do
  3. When is the deadline
  4. Where is this campaign held, and which city?! 
  5. "Why" and "How" will this funding help your campaign. "Why" and "How" should these funders help you!?! (Very important that you should try and not make this about you and put it towards a cause or a type of research. My examples might not be ideal but be unique and find something different!)
  6. “Timeline”, “What you get in Return”, and “Risks” are very important to blocks to fill out. Giving these funders a little tension to give the donation and understanding the urgency will increase your chances of funding!

(This campaign was probably the best one I’ve seen. They added every element I mentioned, and look at them kick butt! The great thing is that you can tell they spent a lot of time on this campaign, they created great rewards for funder’s; the video and the story is extremely touching. If this campaign is still up, it is worth checking out. )


#3: Promote

Make sure you promote your campaign on all the social media platforms you use. Make sure your post has a “call for action” title. Such as ‘Why your donations are needed for a great cause” Or, “Are you investing in the right places”? These are examples and I encourage to think of your own, people can tell if it was YOU who created these posts. Anything you write shows your personality. 

Depending on your social media, you can add a mini story. Adding a small but effective story will definitely get readers. 

“Adding a small but effective story will definitely get readers.”

You can use TweetDeck, or Hoot-suite to schedule your posts. However, because these are third party platforms, sometimes social media actually hides these. But, they are still great tools because you can potentially get your message across at specific times. Just beware not everyone can see them.


Great social medias for kick starter are:

  1. Facebook, this is the best platform to get personal.
  2. Twitter, this is easy since people love retweeting posts if it’s relevant to them!
  3. Linkedin, this is a great professional platform to reach professionals.
  4. Pinterest, Instagram and Google + are also good.


What’s next?

In essence, Kickstarter is a great tool to use if you know how to use it. You will most likely get funder’s if you research and properly plan your ideas. Don’t get discouraged if this campaign is not for you. There are many other ways to do well without Kickstarter.  

If you want some more information about kick starter, here are some outside sources that might help you:

1. (this is a book about online business’s. It has one mini section about Kick starter that is informational)

2.(this was the only handbook I could find for Kickstarter. Reviews seemed to be good and will probably inform you more about it)


3.Great blog posts that goes in detail for kickstarter

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