New portrait- client for the win| Creative Boundless


I’m so stoked, dreams are coming true!


Out of random, this awesome girl found me on the internet as a local to do her boyfriends portrait!

I know this is a small win, but I needed to share my enthusiasm. I been working so hard to reach others and it’s finally happening in a slow but consistent matter. 

I actually wasn’t sure if people would ever be interested in my art pieces. I know art isn’t completely appreciated by everyone. On the contrary, if you understand business and know who to market to, creating art for other people is do-able. Even making some cash on the side is possible. (It’s not easy though). 

I’m not sure if talking about prices are bad, but I’ll share that to so you guys know and please inform me your thoughts. I ended up charging her $250. I heard that might be a low price but def reasonable. I felt that I’m still trying to get clients so I have to be aware on that. 

On the other note, I'm super pumped about this. I'm ever more determined to reach more clients. Happy day!!


-Boundie ( Don't know who I am.....learn about me HERE)

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