I'm back!

Hey Everyone!

Sorry I've been MIA for a while. I've been in an intense college program, where I basically dropped all my passions for school. It sucked and I was very sad about it, nonetheless, I know I'm benefitting my future. In the meanwhile, I'll be blogging for a bit until school starts! I definitely forgot how to blog and where to start, but I'll make sure I share some art, fun discussions and more. 

I'll talk to you guys more next week, with a "year in review" progress.


-Boundie <3

My outlook of mornings| CreativeBoundless

I just read BeYou2BeFit’s daily routine and I was like hey, I should show mine :) I have a daily routine, but it’s called DAILY for a reason

Dream daily routine

7:30: Cardio

8:00: meditation and gratitude 

8:15 listen to audios

8:30 Draw

8:45 Read

9:00 Read my daily goals

9:45 Be done getting ready and go to work peacefully like a godess

The actually daily routine

7:30 f*** no I’m still sleeping

Tweet: 7:30 f*** no I’m still sleeping, how about you.. http://bit.ly/1Z3yrCr CLICK TO TWEET: 7:30 F*** no I'm still sleeping

8:30 Get up and stare at the door. Just realized I missed my morning cardio

8:32: I half-a** my mediation practice. I actually usually fall asleep when I do it. 

8:35 The alarm goes off again and I decide to read my goals list

8:45 I get ready for work

9:30 I leave for work and do my daily habits there.

9:45 I clock in and do a gratitude practice 

1:00 I read during my break

8:00 I do some art

Tweet: 11:00 Dammmn, I left cardio last http://ctt.ec/7qePb+ What are your morning habits like #boundie....http://bit.ly/1Z3yrCr CLICK TO TWEET: 11:00 Dammmn, I left cardio last minute....Woo!

11:00 Dammmn, I left cardio last minute....Woo!


This is why I love calling my habits DAILY habits. I can’t not do them in the morning. I am just not a morning person. When I say I stare at the door, I literally stare. My boyfriend sees this and finds it hilarious. 

My morning habits are forever daily habits. I know I can squeeze them in during the day!

How do you get your habits in?

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