CREATIVE BOUNDLESS: Facepaint, Portraits & More

The Creative Hub/ Blog post section

Hello there. If you are into the art, or trying to succeed in the arts; these blog posts are for you!

Not sure where to start? Here's a description of each blog posts and you can see which resonates with you. 

Facepainting and Arts

This section is about my journey face painting for the events I do, what I learn and small tricks that help with what I do. Come learn from me!


This section is about powering artists to strengthen their creativity, skills or discussions that relate to the creativity industry. 


This section strengthens any type of artists. Small tips on strengthening their creativity with free bonus sheets included. 


This is a great section for creative people who are really struggling with money. This can include finding clients, getting income, or keeping it. 


Ever artist needs to learn the power of health. Without health, your art suffers. Here's how to keep a healthy mind during your profession in creativity.

Hi I'm Jenn!

Your expert in facepainting, portraits & creativity. I blog to show you my passion and dedication to this profession. If you are face painter OR just loving it from a far, come participate in the blog posts!