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TIP #2


Hello boundies!

You may of heard this before, but I bet you aren't doing it! And that's okay if you are not. 

Most creative people feel that they can "imagine how they are doing in their head". 

And let me tell you, that's a very bad and dangerous thing to do. Why?

Your brain plays tricks on you thinking you "made it further" or you will "do more tomorrow". And, you probably know the reality to this one. 


So tip #2 is, track your progress in creativity. 

In order to improve your creativity, you need to realize you need to keep track and do better the next day. 

This is how you can improve your skill set.

In order to do this, I prepared you a free performance sheet so you can get better. 

Once you get your creative self signed up below, the magic will happen in the library that was made for you.

But you need to sign up to get it. 

Challenge #2: 


Alright, you got your tip to improve your creativity!

Your challenge is to grab the free cheat sheet in the library and use the performance sheet for 30 days!

Can you do it?

If you complete it, show your progress here:    Facebook Group.  and Tweet me using #boundlesscreate



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