How to get creative ideas | Creative Boundless | Tips #1

Tip #1. 

Getting creative Ideas flowing in your mind can be extremely hard to do! Especially if your brain is having a "brain fart", you probably experienced those moments where you just can't think. 

Through my life as a creative person, these are some techniques that have helped me to enrich my life and they will help you too! 

Here is some suggestions that you can do! 

PLUS, at the end of these tips, there is a free gift for you!


  •  Analyze : Sometimes it's easy to lose your train of thought when you are either distracted, stressed or not very motivated. You need to decide when are your best moments of getting ideas. Observe yourself for a week and keep track when you feel like your having an "ah-ha" moment. Keep a journal with you. 


  • Thumb-nailing: If you feel you have very limited ideas, thumb-nailing is extremely effective. You can put different ideas and pictures in different boxes and you can play around different concepts. You will see you are already getting more creative ideas!


  •  Look at pictures: Just looking at different pictures actually help you find more concepts and ideas. Especially looking on Twitter, Pinterest or Tumblr, these social platforms are great to see what other people are doing. ONLY get ideas, don't steal them! This is only to help you get your creative thinking going!


  • Play Scramble: Or you could do any game that isn't really considered "creative". You could do a math problem or a science experiment. When you activate other skill levels in your brain, you are helping your brain to work as a whole. This will help trigger and improve creativity. 


  • Negative Spaces: This might be a weird tip but this helps a lot more on the illustration side. When you focus on the negative spaces between lines, forms and lighting in a picture, you come up with really interesting compositions. It's perfect to increase creativity and skills. 


Challenge #1: 

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